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This website is dedicated to the work of the artist David Mead whose illustrations enhance some of the world's leading ornithological books.

The plates shown here were painted for the authoritative Helm guides Raptors of the World and Pheasants, Partridges and Grouse.

His plates for the former were also incorporated in a new slimmed-down edition, Raptors of the World Field Guide, published in November, 2005.

Sadly, David is no longer with us; he died of cancer in 2010. The plates are not now for sale but remain on show here in tribute to David's artistry and skill.

The paintings, mostly in gouache, are works of art in their own right as well as scientifically-exact illustrations. The raptors plates alone represent more than four years of study and work with the brush.

See About the artist for more details.

One reviewer said of Raptors of the World: "… an outstanding achievement … If a book of this sort hangs or falls by its plates, then this one should soar" (Christopher Perrins, The Times Literary Supplement).

But judge for yourself - click on one of the illustrations on the right for an enlarged view and details, or browse through them all section by section using the buttons on the left.

Each page also provides interesting information about the birds depicted.

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Raptors of the World, Handbook

Raptors of the World, Field Guide

Pheasants, Partridges & Grouse (2002)
 Published by Christopher Helm (part of A&C Black)

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